How Critical is it to Know the Effects of Race-Culture Studies in Our Schools?

By | August 28, 2022

In This Article, I wish to take a look at some of the theories surrounding the current heated debate within the US as it relates to race, class, and social hierarchy. Critical Race Theory (CRT) is one such theory that has been widely embraced by much of academia and much of the American Left over the last decade and a half. The theories of CRT hold the view that there are genetically determined differences between races in behavior, intellect, character, and in general culture and civilization.

This means that race is more than just a simple classification used to distinguish one race from another, but rather that there are race categories that are socially and biologically based and can be studied in relation to human genetics. While it would appear that there is a broad consensus across America with respect to the importance of race-based criteria when choosing a candidate for higher office or filling various positions of higher education, the fact is that many of those who are most vocal about their opposition to race theory are the very people who stand accused of racism.

These are the same people who are commonly accused of harboring anti-black racism, sexism, and similar formulas. It seems the only way to gain political power in this country is to be labeled a racist or some other form of racism. If this is done without any type of defense, then it is but a guaranteed path to a witch hunt and silencing of any opposition to the establishment.

Those who are most outspoken about their opposition to the critical race theory that the United States has become are often those whose opinions do not gel with the prevailing cultural mainstream in America. Unfortunately, many of these people are also the very individuals who will have to suffer the consequences of their beliefs. For instance, it was the staunch opposition to the integration of the American dream into the overall

American culture caused so much of the turmoil in the first place. Those who voiced their opposition to integration were labeled as bigots by their very own people and forced out of their own communities. While it may be true that some of these Americans who began the fight against integration were bigots, it is equally true that the majority of them were simply the wrong individuals to be placed in a position of authority over others who wanted nothing to do with the breaking of down of American culture.

If the idea that systemic racism is alive and well in the United States is true, then why aren’t there more stories about white people being victimized by racism? How come they are not as angry and bent on revenge as they are in so many other countries? Why do white Americans not feel like they have a right to their own country? How is it that some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs and business leaders cannot produce results for their companies within the United States without a massive amount of racial resentment? The answers to all these questions remain unanswered because the entire structure of our society was built upon the idea of white supremacy and white superiority.

Since our nation was founded upon the premise of white supremacy, how can we remove something that we helped to create? How can we tell future students that if they don’t believe in white supremacy that they will not be accepted into the University of Virginia or any of the other great colleges and universities in the world? How can we accept this kind of blatant racism in our classrooms and warn our children about it? How can we teach our children and teenagers that if they harbor a white supremacy attitude that they will become unemployed and/or become a target for hate crimes and other types of a hate crimes?

How can we teach our children and teenagers that the only way to succeed is by being a “white savior”? Race is a serious issue and it is one that must be dealt with head-on. We must stop teaching our children and teenagers that the only way to achieve success is by being a servant of a black or Hispanic minority or a culture of other cultures. It is time for us to wake up and face the fact that there is a chill effect being created in our classrooms because of the growing number of white Americans who are trying to divide the country over color or race.

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